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High Purity Aluminium:

Application areas

            Electrolytic capacitor foil 
            Semiconductor industry
            Plates for flat panel display industry
            Sputtering targets (cathode sputtering, cathodic sputtering)
            Bonding wire
            Thin films
            High purity alumina and powders
            Electronic storage systems (memory discs) 
              Bright finish and decorative use
Product details
            Purity ranges from 99.99 to 99.9999 per cent (4N to 6N)
            We use the 3-layer electrolysis as well as the segregation (fractional crystallization) technology to refine aluminium
            By combining these technologies we can produce products with the desired characteristics required by the market
            Kryal (99.999 – 99.9999 per cent) is sold unalloyed in the form of pigs, sheet ingots, small ingots or shapes according to customer specifications
            Raffinal (99.99 – 99.998 per cent) is also produced in different shapes – sheet ingots, billets, ingots and pigs
For more detailed information on these products, reference the documents available for download below
Type Aluminum: (≥ %) Impurity Content (≤%) Main Impurity Content (≤ ppm)
Cu Si Fe Zn Ti
AL99.99 99.99 0.01 50 30 30 20 20
AL99.993 99.993 0.007 30 13 15 10 10
AL99.996 99.996 0.004 15 10 10 10 10
AL99.999 99.999 0.001 2.8 2.8 2.5 1 0.9
AL99.9995 99.9995 0.0005 1.5 1.5 1.5 0.5 0.5




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